Hopeless Desire

Walk through a black-stoned desert
in which there are nothing more than you and "the world"
You can't see further than five steps,and althoug you could
you couldn't see anything.
The sky is black...no,it's not the night,it's just black.
There's no moon,neither sun or stars...maybe there's nothing.
Or maybe nothing is the sky.
You'll reminisce the breeze touching your cheeks
or the contact with the truth.Maybe you thought in
colours that you have never seen,
or buildings built with feelings,
or even see what was part of you.
I'm sorry to say you that,obviously,you was confused.
you should feel how you legs are getting exhausted
and your eyes getting closed while they are being
losed in the twilight of the mist and the nothing.
But you still go on.
Maybe something called hope cheers you up.
but,what are you lookin for?
You won't find nothing more than nothing.
You can only play with yourself.
You get more and more tired at every step.
Your legs can't walk,and your sight is already lost.
But don't worry,there's nothing to see...
you'll neither get to any especific place.
For how long have you been walking?
oh,you look so exhausted...
If you could see a picture of yoursel
you could feel a great sadless,
but at this point I think you forgot
what sadless and happines what's about.
You're getting uncolored...
You're being part of the world where you're walking on.
do you still believe in hopeless?
you lost it...
then I suppose that you can't remember what you were looking for.
can you?

Sorry,you have just died

Att:Iván Tirado Muñoz

A sky that has never been blue

I don't know how to start...
I just don't know how it started.

It just cannot happen

Today someone said me
"Hope is the last you must lose"
Now all my hope is on you...
if you go down I'll lose the last I have....
what would happen then?

Don't let me alone
I don't know how it started,
I just began the game...
But now I don't want to play anymore.

You must play with me,
if you don't play...I'll lose the game.

Also,I think there are no winners here...only losers.
This foolish game is killing me.
Where's the aim?
I want to start again
Breaking the rules
Saying everything I had to say
But now I cannot

I've already lost my match
I won't start again...
You won't start again...

Rules will kill us
The strongest ones will destroy me
,because I'm just not me

I dream in someone I will never be

"You like me in the way you are"
But I don't like me in the way I am

It's like if I have been slept 17 years
And I'll be slept forever
there's no reason to wake up t
here's no reason to play

Dreaming about letting this world behind
flying through the sky
touching the clouds

visiting the stars
Going down on the rainbow
talking with the moon.

Riding my winged horse Through
arrows storms
and sharpen swords
riding so quickly to save a princess
that has been
throught from a cliff

But in this game there's no princess
neither wings...
I just walk alone in a violent world

You're my reason to breath
Try to breath as long as you can...

I would like to say so many things...
...looking to a sky that has never been blue

"Te pasas la vida esperando a que pase algo,y lo unico que pasa es la vida"

Att:Iván Tirado Muñoz